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MedusSsa Poster 12 x 18

MedusSsa Poster 12 x 18

MedusSsSa' is a high detail airbrush painting of the Greek statue Medusa bust. Images of this statue have been famously used by fashion brands around the world. This painting incorporates the class and beauty of Greek sculpture and architecture. It includes elements of the high fashion world, with the added edge and grit of a modern streetwear brand. In this version of Medusa, her marble sculpted hair is cracked and broken from the lifelike snakes that slither and twist out of her as if hatching from a marble shell. Her bust sits atop and is infused with an ornate pillar encrusted with gold accents that break away revealing a golden rib cage and a twisting intestine of snake tails. A golden skull mask with a raven head and spread wings encircle her dark and bloodshot eye, which is open wide as if she was startled back to life. A massive black python with paisley markings coils its way around and through this floating monolith Medusa bust, entrapping and inhaling the smaller snakes in one giant bite atop the statuesque painting. 

All prints are high quality Giclee prints on MOAB Bright Paper. Prints are offered in a variety of sizes from 8x12 inch to 24x36 inch.
Shipping is calculated by region and you are only charged for the shipping of the largest print you order, anything else you order will be shipped in the same container at no extra charge so you save money on shipping when you buy multiple prints.

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